Sunday, October 4, 2015

A come back and "The Hercule Poirot " madness

 Ohhh Yeah!!! I am back again after many years .

After a lot of contemplation , I chose to unwind myself. I have realized  in a bitter way that holding on to the daily 'roller coaster rides ' will not help in moving on.
Okay ! So there I start to unwind ..........

I admit that even at the age of 32 (Infact a few more days are still left for me to turn to 32) I love reading Agatha Christie ,especially Poirot. It's actually a re- reading, a particular relaxation procedure I have become addicted to,  say, very recently. I love stacking all these collections on the book shelf which has been gifted by my sis-in law and admire the frame from a photographer's angle (I doubt!!!)

After some time I dwelve in to the thoughts like how would a lady in those ages think of such crime plots , very romantic and artistic, and why am I even unable to guess anything regarding the " so called murderers or the guilty".

It is infact really intruguing and I very much want to speak to Agatha Christie's Spirit . I have a hell lot of questions to her and I need the answers badly, really badly. Whether the crimes were so frequent during her period and whether  people just schemed and plotted these murders , (Really brilliant plots, I must say) and was it all about inheritance they cared about mostly and the Question  list continues........

Still I go a step further by watching Poirot's video series and get amused every second by David Suchet's acting skills.Next, i re-read the novel of the video I had just watched and let myself enjoy by visualising the characters and relates each and every gesture, action etc of Poirot  with that of the great actor David Suchet. The saga continues....and I mix these with Miss Marple videos as well.

The most irritating thing (of course, As per my husband) I did was making my hubby darling get  the cartons with these books which was stored in the topmost storage space of his study  and searching frantically among the books with the whole Poirot list. I even made my hubby buy me the few novels which i did not have in the collection.

If I just look back , 2 months back, to be precise , I used to watch " Sarabhai vs Sarabhai" in hot star to unwind myself and then  as usual used to think on how they acted so naturally with all the sarcasm and humour.

Right now I am still under the Poirot spell and I presume that the madness may continue for sometime unless otherwise I get to speak to Christie's Spirit in my dream very soon.

Dear  Monsieur Poirot,  If you had really existed and was alive  now you would have been delighted to know that another more person had become your fan and talks of ,as you say,  "The Hercule Poirot"!!!!

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