Tuesday, April 10, 2007

'N'th episode

Things which happened a couple of weeks ago are something very dramatic,but in my life these things happen very often,i don't know why,but they continue to happen.Is God trying to teach me some lesson,or is he going to show some new path,or is he making me tough so that when serious things come up in life i will be able to confront them with more strength.Is it so?

These two days were very good,actually it was like a transformation ,from the dull evenings to a bright morn and a bright day followed by another sweet day,later when it came to an end yesterday at 5 o' clock,i was weeping inside,i wanted to stick onto yesterday forever,but i had to let it go n embrace the sweet life waiting for me ahead.....

Am i still living in 'flash blacks'?Why don't they leave me ?

Two months break for a new beginning......

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anu said...

it's a sweet blog
ur episodes are rocking
keep writing like that